January 31, 2011

World's Best Podcast - Season 3, Episode 20: Henry Cavill is cast as the New Superman!

The World's Best Podcast, Episode 3, Season 20 is an action-packed guest-star filled recording all about the casting of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent and Superman in December 2012 major motion picture "Superman: The Man of Steel" being produced by Chris Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder. Our special guest line-up includes former Podcast regular and recurring guest star Mark Cormier; Steve Younis, owner and Editor in Chief of the Superman Homepage; Jeffrey Taylor, Superman Homepage staff writer and co-podcaster of the "From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast" podcast; Kaman Stowell, host of the Superman Video Podcast; Sam Rizzo, owner & Editor in Chief of the Superboy Homepage; Rennie Cowan, owner of SuperboyTheater.net and long time Superman fan working on a project at present with "Superman" movie franchise initiator Ilya Salkind; and Jon Wilson, Producer and Host of the "Golden Age Superman Podcast".

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January 30, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Henry Cavill is the New SUPERMAN!

Deadline.com & Superman Homepage are reporting that British actor Henry Cavill has been chosen to play Superman in the upcoming Zack Synder-directed film The Man Of Steel.

Snyder has made this statement about the casting:

“In the pantheon of superheroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time, and I am honored to be a part of his return to the big screen. I also join Warner Bros., Legendary and the producers in saying how excited we are about the casting of Henry. He is the perfect choice to don the cape and S shield.”

Charles Roven, Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan and Deborah Snyder are the producers of the film. The screenplay is being written by David S. Goyer based on a story by Goyer and Nolan. Thomas Tull and Lloyd Phillips are serving as executive producers.

Targeted for release in December 2012, the new Superman movie will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

This video interview was from June 21, 2009, Henry talked about going out for Superman during Bryan Singer's Superman Returns project:

January 28, 2011

Superman - A Hero For the Ages by Sam J. Rizzo

This is an essay I wrote back in 2005, this delves into the very question as to why Superman has continued to survive with each passing generation. It's a great read and one that I hope you enjoy. Also I'm now a member of the "SimplySuperman / Batman," writing staff and will be writing comic and graphic novel reviews for the website.

Read Here

January 22, 2011

StacyHaiduk.Info hosts Q&A with Stacy Haiduk & Brad Tatum!

Q & A with Stacy Haiduk & Brad Tatum over on stacyhaiduk.info website. Have a question for Stacy or Brad? You have until January 24th to e-mail your question to them at stacyfanmail@ausxip.org. The questions will be moderated, the answers will be posted on the site sometime in February.

-Folks can also send in questions via the site's Twitter account.

Thanks Mesh

World's Best Podcast: Season 3 Episode 17

In this episode we discuss recent news items (The passing of Susannah York, casting for the Batman movie, Kara coming back to Smallville, and Superman auctions) and then we discuss the graphic novel, Superman: Earth One and our thoughts and our review. Hope you enjoy it, we did!

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January 17, 2011

World's Best Podcast: Season 3 Episode 16 Part 3

World's Best Podcast:
Season 3 Episode 16 Part 3

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In this portion (recorded January 13th). We discuss Wonder Woman not getting picked up by any of the networks (note: there is a reason for this. Since the podcast was recorded David E. Kelley said it was because of timing, he just didn't pitch it early enough fo them to pick it up, so it was not disinterest). We also discuss the Smallville "Destiny Is Now" poster and its potential implications on the remainder of the season. And we have a few tangents. Joining us is Sam Rizzo, owner of the Superboy Homepage and Kaman Stowell, vlogger extraordinaire on youtube (and a super-collector). Enjoy!

Ilya Salkind Comments on Susannah York's Recent Passing

The Superman community and family are saddened by the news of the passing of Susannah York, who portrayal Lara-El in Superman: The Movie. Ilya Salkind (Producer, Superman I-III) commented on the news of the passing of Susannah. 

"It is with terrible sorrow to learn of the passing of Susannah York. She was a grand lady of acting and definitely made Lara-El the ultimate mother who understands that the way to happiness for her son is to relinquish his powers for love. As a mother she knows love is more important to the growth of Kal-El at that time. It is this understanding that allowed the audience to accept Superman giving up his powers, which will
make him his own man. I was honored and grateful to be able to work with Susannah." - Ilya Salkind

Our thoughts and prayers are with Susannah York's family and friends at this time.

January 14, 2011


This is Part One of the feature length documentary starring Ilya Salkind called ON THE POOL PATIO WITH ILYA SALKIND. Ilya Salkind is the Executive and Creative Producer of Superman I, II, III, Supergirl and Superboy the TV Series. Hosted, Executive Produced and Directed by Rennie Cowan with Photo Restoration by Sam J. Rizzo and Ginger De Los Rios. Associate Produced by Sam J. Rizzo and Ginger De Los Rios.

January 13, 2011

The Superman Podcast Network!

Visit the Superman Podcast Network, your one stop resource for the best in Superman related podcasts, vidcasts and audio dramas. Check back daily to see which program has released a new episode!
Some of the featured podcast shows that you will find on the Superman Podcast Network:

January 6, 2011

World's Best Podcast Season 3 Episode 14

This is our "what if" episode. We talk about projects in the DC universe that didn't pan out. Joining us is special guest Sam Rizzo, proprietor of the Superboy Homepage! Our intro is an un-released track of Olivia Newton John from "A Mom For Christmas". Hope you all enjoy the episode, we did! Spread the word and tell your friends!


January 5, 2011

"On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind," Clip #2: Ilya Salkind Discusses Audience Reaction to the Very First TEASER for SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE!

Ilya Salkind, the Executive Producer of Superman I, II, III, Supergirl and Superboy the TV Series, discusses audience reaction to the very first teaser of Superman: The Movie placed in a movie theater to observe audience reaction. This is a clip from the feature documentary and interview "On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind" (Directed by Rennie Cowan with Photo Restoration by Sam J. Rizzo and Ginger De Los Rios).

SUPERBOY #3 Released This Week!

It's just another day at Smallville High - girl trouble psychic attacks, gym class, lunch with Kid Flash, study hall and alien terrorists from the future!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE; Art by PIER GALLO; Cover by PHIL NOTO; 1:10 Variant cover by DUSTIN NGUYEN

Buy Superboy #3 at TFAW.com Click Here

Smallville Season 10 New One Sheet for Series Final Episodes

Here is the new one sheet that the CW just released hinting at Clark Kent's final transition into the Man of Steel!


January 2, 2011

"On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind," Documentary Promo Clip #1 Good vs. Evil

This is a preview clip from upcoming documentary by Rennie Cowan titled "On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind." In this clip, Ilya talks about his religious views and the influence Star Wars had on the making of Superman: The Movie.

For more exclusive information visit Rennie Cowan's website Superboy Theater and her YouTube Channel.

In other news, Ilya's company website has changed from .com to .net. To visit the Official Ilya Salkind Company Website go to http://www.ilyasalkindcompany.net/