August 31, 2008

Interview With Bub (Sherman Howard) On Day Of The Dead

Sherman Howard (Lex Luthor) get interviewed for the 80s film "Day of the Dead." He played the zombie named Bub.

SUPERBOY DVD Campaign Round 3

Tomorrow's Memoir

Source: Spike TV
Film Summary: An elderly man reflects on his unusual past and the choices he's made, while a mysterious crisis develops within his city.
As a Superman fan this is a great film. The writing and acting is great all around. The film gets into the Superman character from a very unique perspective that many film makers today have yet to experiment with which is the late stages of the Man of Steel life. "Tomorrow's Memoir," looks at the Clark Kent & Superman character from a "Kingdom Come" based storyline and is extremely interesting. This short film is a definite must see for any Superman fan and highly recommended. Great job to the film makers of this wonderful production and definitely will be looking for more things to come from this production staff.
Visit the Official "Tomorrow's Memoir" site @

August 24, 2008

Official SUPERBOY DVD Campaign

The Official Superboy DVD Campaign Promotional Video

August 23, 2008


Warner Bros. also put on hold plans for another movie starring multiple superheroes -- known as "Batman vs. Superman" -- after the $215 million "Superman Returns," which had disappointing box-office returns, didn't please executives. "'Superman' didn't quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to," says Mr. Robinov. "It didn't position the character the way he needed to be positioned." "Had 'Superman' worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009," he adds. "But now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman without regard to a Batman and Superman movie at all."

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August 19, 2008

Where is Superman Headed?

Source: Variety
Variety's Anne Thompson reports that Superman: Man of Steel is in a holding pattern at Warner Bros. Pictures as the studio figures out what to do next. Here's a clip:They too believe that the last movie didn't break the mold and wound up in some kind of middle limbo. Today I was told that it is a priority at the studio to find the right direction and if Bryan Singer is willing to do that, fine, but if he gets in the way, he may not stay on the project. There are no writers working on a Superman script now. The studio wants to figure it out. "It might be better to start from scratch," one exec admitted.What do you think? Should they continue the story from Superman Returns or completely start over?

August 17, 2008


After four weeks as the #1 movie in the country, the reign of Warner Bros.' The Dark Knight finally came to an end, but not before it amassed enough money to pass the unadjusted gross of George Lucas' 1977 sci-fi classic Star Wars to become the 2nd highest grossing movie domestically with an astounding five-week box office gross of $471.5 million! (Star Wars' unadjusted gross of $461 million included a number of re-releases since its debut thirty years ago.) While it has a long way to go if it wants to pass the long-held box office record of James Cameron's Titanic, it's more than likely The Dark Knight could become the second movie to ever make more than $500 million domestically. Quite ironically, the continued success of Nolan's Batman film knocked George Lucas' new animated Star Wars: the Clone Wars, the first movie in the franchise to be distributed by Warner Bros., down to third place for the weekend as well.
You can read's full weekend box office wrap-up here.


Selutron has shut down his page at YouTube, but don't fret, he's gnawing away like the busy beaver that he is on making two opposites react. Although there is no news to report, I did call him this week -- he's in good spirits and, inevitably, the chatter descended into Richard Lester's Superman films - now there's a surprise! I did tell him that even a negative reaction about his endeavours - from the minority - is a good thing, it proves that people care about his crusade to honour the talent behind these films despite the criticism.
His clips are now hosted exclusively at capedwonder.

Gerard Christopher Season 2 ScreenTest On SBH YouTube Channel

Gerard Christopher's actual screen test for the Superboy character in Season 2 is up on the Officical Superboy Homepage YouTube page. This is the last two minutes of the screen test for Gerard Christopher. Ilya Salkind (Creative and Executive Producer) personal directed this screentest himself. Gerard would go on to become the new Boy of Steel and the series went on to become a big hit in syndication reaching in the top 10. To view this small portion of Gerard's screen test visit the Official YouTube Channel here: There is much more footage to this screentest for example Gerard playing Clark Kent for the first time. Notice the Superboy suit Gerard is wearing is from Season One it is one of John Haymes Newton's suits. Hope you all enjoy this and look for more exclusive clips and interviews coming soon from the Superboy Homepage.

This would make a great bonus feature on the Season Two Official DVD release...COME WARNERS release the final three seasons already!!!

Horn and Noveck Talk DC Comics Character Films

Variety has published an article in which Warner Bros. boss Alan Horn and DC Comics' senior VP of creative affairs Gregory Noveck talk about where the WB and DC are headed in regards to comic book movies.
"We're having a lot of internal discussions on it," Horn says. "We haven't committed to any change at DC at this point," adding that both Warners and DC are committed to turning "the properties into viable movie product in an intelligent way so that we introduce them like planes on a runway. They have to be set up the right way and lined up the right way and all take off one at a time and fly safe and fly straight."
One high-profile property is "Justice League," which Warner Bros. had hoped would start production before the writers strike.
But given that it unites Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, the studio is trying to figure out how such the pic (cast with younger actors) would affect its existing Batman and Superman franchises -- and whether the script respects how the characters play off each other in the DC universe.
To put it simply: the studio doesn't want to piss off the Comic-Con contingent.
"We're not off the notion of a Justice League," Robinov says. "There's a massive interest and knowledge in the comicbook industry and it takes time to sort of catch up and understand the characters and the history, where they've intersected with each other and what their worlds are. That's part of the education that we're going through."
As for the JLA movie, Noveck says...
"We're going to make a Justice League movie, whether it's now or 10 years from now. But we're not going to do it and Warners is not going to do it until we know it's right."
Read the entire article at the website.

August 16, 2008

Official Superboy Homepage YouTube Channel - New Clips

There are brand new video clips on the Official Superboy Homepage YouTube page. There are some rare clips from Season One of John Hamyes Newton & Stacy Haiduk talking about their characters. There are some rare promotional videos also on there from the first season. Enjoy and look for more rare clips coming soon. Visit the Official Superboy Homepage YouTube Channel here ---

August 3, 2008

Buyers Beware Fake Superman/boy/girl Costumes Overtaking the Marketplace + Ilya Salkind Giving Back to Superman/Boy Fans Through EBAY

Just recently on the auction house website EBAY, there have been a number of “authentic” Superman and Superboy costumes up for auction. A family member of mine this past year acquired one of these costume which supposedly was from the later seasons of the Adventures of Superboy series. Since having bought the costume, I have conducted endless amount of research in trying to authenticate this costume. I have started a dialogue with Ilya Salkind (Executive Producer of the Superman I-III & Superboy) and also managed to talk to the man who wore the Superboy suit Gerard Christopher himself. Through my discussions with Ilya and Gerard they both have assured me that there are numbers of suits being sold out there on auction house websites for example EBAY and Profiles-in-History which are not considered authentic and are selling for thousands. Just this past week, Profiles-in-History company’s live EBAY page was auctioning off an “authentic” Christopher Reeve Superman I suit. In the end, no one bided on the suit in light of the recent news of Ilya Salkind taking a stand against the person(s) responsible for the manufacturing of these replica suits. My suggestion to fellow Superman/boy collectors like myself is do your research before purchasing any props, suits, or autograph items to ensure you are getting the real deal.
For more information on authentic Superman/boy/girl costumes visit: they have done countless research on a number of Superman and Superboy suits that have popped up on EBAY. They have gone so far as to analysis the labels and materials used to make each of the costumes.
To purchase rare Superman items for Executive Producer Ilya Salkind’s personal collection visit his EBAY page @ . Ilya includes his own personal Certificates of Authenticity and signs each one of them.

August 2, 2008

Sales of Fake Superman Suits on the Rise

Ilya Salkind, who co-produced "Superman: The Movie", "Superman II", Superman III", "Supergirl", "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" and the four-season syndicated TV show "The Adventures of Superboy", contacted me this week to alert Superman fans to a growing problem in the Superman collectibles market.

Salkind has recently become aware that Superboy and Superman costumes are being sold at auction houses and auction sites that may either be stolen property from the Warner vaults or completely phony reproductions. Salkind explained that, in certain cases, he's been told the costumes come with certificates of authenticity forged with Salkind's own signature. Salkind is considering his legal rights and how best to halt these unauthorized sales of what are at best stolen property and at worst complete fakes. Salkind believes, based on the numbers of Superman suits and Superboy suits made in total (excluding "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" which was not a Salkind production), up to 90% of the Superman and Superboy costumes being offered for sale may be fakes.

On a related note, Salkind said he has no definitive information on when seasons two through four of "The Adventures of Superboy" will be released on DVD. However, he said he has a "good feeling" that Warners will continue with the "Superboy" DVDs after "Smallville" goes off the air.

Source: Superman
Article Written By: Barry Frieman