September 29, 2008


Tribute to the Superman films
Dedicated to Christopher Reeve

September 20, 2008


Smallville Is Now On Itunes! After years of hoping for it to show up, Smallville is now on iTunes - starting with the Season 8 premiere episode, "Odyssey."
You can order "Odyssey" from iTunes now!

Now if only Itunes would get the Superboy series!!!


"Superboy season 1 is not a spectacular opener but it improved when Gerard Christopher was cast as the boy-hero for the subsequent seasons. Unfortunately, as I suspected, Warners, during a webchat, officially said: "Superboy sales didn't meet expectations, thus we don't expect to release Season 2. Sorry." Simple as that. No campaign is going to change the studio's mind unless sales pick up! (SupermanCinema.Co.Uk)"

September 17, 2008

Smallville Odyssey Clark/Lois Clip 1

Scene from Season Premeire Episode "Odyssey"


September 15, 2008


Tonight at the annual Warner Bros Home Video & Animation Department chat with the fans on the Home Theater Forum site. A fellow Superboy fan posed the question to WB "Does WB has any plans on releasing more seasons of The Adventures of Superboy to DVD? Warner TV Department response was "Superboy Season One sales did not meet our more Superboy releases."
What a real shame that Warner Bros will not give the series a second shot by releasing Seasons 2-4. The series developed into one of the most faithful Superman related series ever to be put to film. To really is to bad that future generations of Superman fans can enjoy this series. If Warner Bros and the other related hands that went into the First Season DVD production handle the set and promoted it properly then WB would of released the other seasons by now. Now, we will probably have to wait another ten or fifteen years for Season 2 to come to DVD or who knows what format we will have then SuperBlu-Ray. If only Warner Bros handled promoting the first season DVD set in the proper way back in 2006 when all the Superman related merchadising came out maybe we the fans would not have to keep waiting. Now with official word from Warner Bros saying that sales were indeed poor...what can we do now?

Another series abandoned in the vaults of the Warner Bros lot to collect dust....what a shame to a great part of the Superman legacy.

The Superboy Homepage will continue to fight the good fight with fellow Superman and Superboy fans around the world. We plan on kicking off another online petition site powered by which hosts the "Save Stargate Atlantis" Petition. The fans can send in the one of the four Youtube Videos made in honor of the Official DVD Campaign as well as sign their names to the petition. It will be sent into Warner Bros Home Video Department and the Executives at Warner Bros. The petition will be starting soon....

September 14, 2008

Home Theater Forum presents Warner Bros Home Video Chat

An Evening With Warner Home Video
Monday September 15th
8:00-11:00pm EST, 7:00-10:00pm CST, 6:00-9:00pm MST, 5:00-8:00pm PST
Meet the people that bring you your favorite Warner Home Videoproduct with an opportunity to ask questions regarding past and future releases.
In Attendance:
Rosemary Markson, Vice PresidentTV and Special Interest Marketing
Amit Desai, Vice President, Family & Animation Marketing
Mary Ellen Thomas, Executive Director, Family & Animation Marketing
Allison Ceppi, Director, TV on DVD Marketing
Hersin Magante, Director, Family & Animation Marketing
Sylvia Son, Director, Family & Animation Marketing
The Superboy Homepage webmaster (Sam) will definitely be sitting in on this chat tomorrow night and will try to ask about the further seasons of The Adventures of Superboy coming to DVD and possibly Blu-Ray. The Superboy Homepage invites all Superman and Superboy fans to come with their own Superman & Superboy related questions for the WB team.

Reminder to all Superboy fans pick up Smallville Season 7 on Blu-Ray it is amazing in HD.

Canadian Trailer for Odyssey

Smallville Season 8 Premieres on Space Channel September 20th.

Smallville 8.01 Odyssey Director's Cut

Smallville 8.01 Odyssey Director's Cut

More From Mark Millar on His Superman Movie Pitch spoke with Mark Millar recently, and during the interview Millar revealed more details on his pitch for a 3-picture Superman epic. Here's a portion of the interview...
You've said this will be Superman's "Lord of the Rings."
I wanted to do Superman's entire life. That's my plan, to tell an epic Superman story. I love the structure of the three "The Godfather" films. Just something that starts with a young man building up to him being an old man. I just think with Superman, you can't go small on it. So I wanted to do something like a Superman magnum opus -- a giant Superman three-picture spectacular with a story that runs between seven and eight hours.
The story I've got is colossal. It's got everything I like about Superman all in one movie. It's a lifetime's worth of notes all put together. It starts 1,000 years ago on Krypton and with the technology we have now, I see people saying, "No. We don't need to see Krypton again." And all that. But really, you haven't seen Krypton before. You've seen lame TV show special effects. And you've seen pre-CGI technology of Krypton before. And the idea of scarlet jungles and jewel mountains and just Superman's genealogy; his ancestors. There's lot to play with -- Brainiac and so on. So starting there and then going 10 million years in the future by the end of the third movie. It's just a giant movie.
So we'd spend a lot of time on Krypton in your first movie?
Obviously, there is still tons of Superman in the first movie but I think the first half-an-hour would be great on Krypton. For the plot I have, Krypton is very important. So I really established the world there and the religion on Krypton. All the stuff you have seen teased in comics but you've never really seen in movies. Just make it grand. I wanted "The Dark Knight" to look like Superman 4. I want it to be just a big, grand Superman story.
Read the complete interview at the CBR website.

September 11, 2008

Smallville Season 8 TV Spot

The search for Clark begins.

Season 8 starts next week Thursday @ 7 p.m. Central on The CW.

Save the Superman House

At the Cleveland house where Superman was born in the mind of Jerry Siegel, BOOK OF LIES author Brad Meltzer wants watchers to find their inner Supermen and help preserve the structure for posterity.

September 7, 2008