December 15, 2008

Confusion Over Next Superman Movie and both caught up with Bryan Singer at this weekend's press junket for his new film "Valkyrie". Both managed to ask him about the next Superman film... but once again Singer wasn't forthcoming with a clear answer...

AICN: So, I've heard that there might be some re-interest in SUPERMAN with Warner Bros. Is that true?
Bryan Singer: I couldn't... you know.. I couldn't tell you or talk about that at this point. I honestly... I'm just so... at least as far as my role in it is concerned I just need... I just have... this one because we had to drop and pick up on this has been a longer process so... yeah I wouldn't be able to give you a clear... any clarity on that. (laughs) posted this paragraph...
We asked Singer if it was a good thing to be off the project as far as he was concerned, to which he replied that he was "not officially not involved." Beyond that, however, the director was tightlipped on the matter.

So when real news does finally come out regarding the next Superman movie, it's highly unlikely it'll come from Bryan Singer.

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