May 26, 2010

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Douglas B. Meyers (Bizarro)

On May 7th, 2010, I had the pleasure of interviewing Douglas Barry Meyers who played Bizarro on the last three seasons of the The Adventures of Superboy series. The interview has been transcribed by Rennie Cowan of Superboy Theater Website.

A Big Thank You to Douglas B. Meyers for participating in the interview & Rennie Cowan for her work of transcibing the interview.

Here is a little sample from the interview:

Sam Rizzo: Looking back, you were on there for three seasons. You did eight episodes. Looking back, what was your favorite scenes; or scene from a particular episode that you did?

Douglas B. Meyers: One of my favorite scenes was -- and I couldn’t tell you about the name of the episodes. I mean as an actor, we just do the part and then move on. So it’s you the fans that remember more than we do. But as we were talking about it the other day, when I was on top of that roof talking to Superboy and at the very end…I was watching a clip of it the other day that someone put up there, I think it was Rennie, and at the very end I go (GROWLS like Bizarro) “LUTHOR!” and I remember very distinctly in my heart and in my soul -- my whole body just went out, when I screamed into the night air that I wanted to go get Luthor (growls lower this time) “LUTHOR…” and that was a very cool moment.

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