December 12, 2010

On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind Teaser Trailer Released

It's just another day "On the Pool Patio with Ilya Salkind", a feature length documentary and interview with Ilya Salkind who is the Producer of Superman I, II, III, Supergirl and Superboy the TV Series (as well as many other movies). Salkind discusses his life with Father and Producer, Alexander Salkind, as well as insight on details involving his Superman movies and Superboy the TV Series.

Coming soon to fans everywhere - shot, edited and directed by Rennie Cowan. Photo restoration and contributions by Ginger De Los Rios & Sam J. Rizzo (Superboy


VoyagerG said...

This is so wild! It's very cool to be part of this. :)

Melyssa said...

Very cool.