February 5, 2011

Ilya Salkind Regains Consciousness

By Barry Freiman (Associate Editor of Superman Homepage & Dc Comics Expert)

The Producer of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, "Supergirl", and "Superboy: The TV Series", Ilya Salkind, it has just been reported exclusively to the Superman Homepage, has regained consciousness for the first time since his hospitalization Monday in Mexico around 9 PM last night Mexico time. Salkind spoke with his attorney in Mexico at the hospital. When asked if he remembered what had taken place, Salkind said he remembered everything. "I took a bad stumble and serious fall," he said.

According to a source close to the Salkinds, friends of Salkind are en route to Mexico from the United States.

The Superboy Homepage  & the fans wish Ilya all the best as he is recovering in the hospital.  

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