February 25, 2012

Superboy Season 1 Reunion @ Shrine Auditorium Photos

John Newton (Clark Kent / Superboy Season 1), Ilya Salkind, & James Calvert (T.J. White) @ the Shrine Auditorium
Here are some photos from the January 15th event at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California. Had a ton of fun meeting James Calvert (T.J. White) & John Newton (Clark Kent / Superboy) at the event. During my weekend stay in Los Angeles, I had great time seeing the sights of the town with Jim Bowers (Capedwonder.com) & Rennie Cowan (Superboy Theater.net). Great people and looking forward to go back out there soon for another possible Superboy related event(s) in the near future.
Ric (A dedicated Superboy Fan), John Newton, & Me (Sam J. Rizzo)
Michael Carlin (DC Comics Writer & Editor) with John Newton
Sam J. Rizzo, Rennie Cowan, & James Calvert (T.J. White)
John Newton (Clark Kent / Superboy) , Rennie Cowan, Ilya Salkind (Producer), Sam J. Rizzo, & James Calvert (T.J. White)


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