May 16, 2012

The Final Three Seasons of Superboy...ARE COMING!!!

I just got off the phone with my good friend, Jim Bowers of in regards to the Superboy series Seasons 2-4 coming to DVD. He told me he just received word from Warner Home Video that they are moving forward on producing the final three seasons onto DVD.

I was totally speechless, definitely could not believe it. FINALLY, after all these years, the fans will get to see the rest of the series on home video. Not only that but the original film elements where found in the WB vaults. Many fans thought the original film elements were destroyed which apparent is not the case.

I was pretty stunned to learn that one of the Senior Vice Presidents is a huge Superboy fan and frequents the websites and the Facebook groups, regularly. This Vice President also confirmed to Mr. Bowers that the original film elements are indeed in the Warner's Vault and that they have every intention on releasing the final three seasons, very soon.

The project is in its very early stages and that WB is gathering all the film elements now to move forward on the project.

As to when we can see a release?  We are only left to speculate right now. Definitely a possibility with Man of Steel next summer or even in the winter time with the Man of Steel blu-ray disc.

It really is way to early to tell at the moment.

Update 5/17/12:, confirms that Warner Bros is evaluating the series as a possible release on Warner Archives or a mass merchant release like Season 1. Still nothing is confirmed at this point.
To read information that they have uncovered. Click Here. 

But be sure to stick with the Superboy, Superboy, & for more information on the Superboy series coming to DVD as it becomes available.

Thanks to Jim Bowers, 

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