September 14, 2008

More From Mark Millar on His Superman Movie Pitch spoke with Mark Millar recently, and during the interview Millar revealed more details on his pitch for a 3-picture Superman epic. Here's a portion of the interview...
You've said this will be Superman's "Lord of the Rings."
I wanted to do Superman's entire life. That's my plan, to tell an epic Superman story. I love the structure of the three "The Godfather" films. Just something that starts with a young man building up to him being an old man. I just think with Superman, you can't go small on it. So I wanted to do something like a Superman magnum opus -- a giant Superman three-picture spectacular with a story that runs between seven and eight hours.
The story I've got is colossal. It's got everything I like about Superman all in one movie. It's a lifetime's worth of notes all put together. It starts 1,000 years ago on Krypton and with the technology we have now, I see people saying, "No. We don't need to see Krypton again." And all that. But really, you haven't seen Krypton before. You've seen lame TV show special effects. And you've seen pre-CGI technology of Krypton before. And the idea of scarlet jungles and jewel mountains and just Superman's genealogy; his ancestors. There's lot to play with -- Brainiac and so on. So starting there and then going 10 million years in the future by the end of the third movie. It's just a giant movie.
So we'd spend a lot of time on Krypton in your first movie?
Obviously, there is still tons of Superman in the first movie but I think the first half-an-hour would be great on Krypton. For the plot I have, Krypton is very important. So I really established the world there and the religion on Krypton. All the stuff you have seen teased in comics but you've never really seen in movies. Just make it grand. I wanted "The Dark Knight" to look like Superman 4. I want it to be just a big, grand Superman story.
Read the complete interview at the CBR website.

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