January 9, 2009

Michael Rosenbaum Willing To Return For The Series' Final Episodes?

The Windy City Times recently caught up with Michael Rosenbaum, where they talked about his career - past, present, and future - and the subject of a return to Smallville did come up... but there's a stipulation.

"I told the producers that I would only come back for the last episode or two if they let me wear a bald cap. I just grew my hair out," he said.

He also revealed in the interview that the producers have already attempted to bring him back. "They have asked me to come back a few times. People think they have seen me on the show since then but I found out they have been using body doubles to pretend that it's me. I don't know how fair that is to the fans," he says.

You can read the entire interview at the Windy City Times website.

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