January 14, 2009

"Smallville" Season 8 Finale Could Be Series Finale

The Sun Sentinel has published an article regarding the status of shows on The CW. There's only one small paragraph about "Smallville", but the content of which may dismay many fans...

[The CW's Entertainment President, Dawn] Ostroff declined to definitively say Smallville is over after this season but she indicated this is the direction the CW is leaning. The producers have been told to create a season-ender that could also serve as the series-ender.

While the Producers of "Smallville" would obviously love for the show to go a ninth season, going as far as to try and re-sign the show's stars (such as Tom Welling) for an additional season, they are ultimately at the mercy of the network.
There's no doubt we'll be hearing more about this as Season 8's finale draws closer.

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