September 4, 2010

Exclusive Interview: Tracy Lewis (Darla) Interview from Superboy: The TV Series at Superboy Theater

Last week Barry Freiman of the Superman Homepage, in conjunction with the Superboy Homepage and Superboy TV Theater, published an exclusive interview with Stacy Haiduk, the actress who played Lana Lang on “Superboy: The TV Series” (aka “The Adventures of Superboy”). This interview was presented as part of a continuing series of new interviews from the “Superboy” series that began with Sam Rizzo of the Superboy Homepage’s interview over on Superboy TV Theater with actor Barry Meyers who played Bizarro Superboy on several episodes of the show.

This week, Rennie Cowan and Ginger De Los Rios of Superboy TV Theater interviewed actress Tracy Roberts (today Tracy Lewis) who played Lex Luthor’s henchwoman Darla beginning in the second episode of the show’s second season. 

Tracy talks about working with Sherman Howard as Lex Luthor, how she won the role of Darla, the Roads Not Taken & the Road to Hell episodes and so much more. She even mentions how her daughter brought her into school in third grade for show and tell which was really funny.

Ashley used to love to watch them hooking Gerard up to the wires to make him fly. And I'd tell her all the time, 'Now Ashley, you cannot tell people how Superboy flies. That is a big, big, no no. So if your friends ask you in don't know! [Laughs] Tell them that he just flies. So she says okay and then one day they had the day when the parents go in and talk about their jobs at school. I think Ashley was in the third grade, maybe. I actually wore the white "Darla Goes Ballistic" suit to the classroom. [Laughs] They gave me a tape to show the actual episode. And I forgot these were third graders, I didn't think they would think this was for real. And they watch the show and I'm shooting lasers out of my eyes and I'm blowing things up. And when the show was over they all just slowly turned around and looked at me like in fear.

Cowan with De Los Rios present their in-depth Q&A with Tracy Lewis in full here. Check it out!

Look for even more exclusive interviews to come in the near future from more members of the Adventures of Superboy: TV Series cast. The Superboy Homepage is proud to be working in conjunction with Superboy Theater and the Superman Homepage in bringing you all these brand new interviews.

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