September 4, 2010

The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection Coming Sept. 28

The Music of DC Comics: 75th Anniversary Collection celebrates
highlights of DC Comic s rich musical history including many rare theme
songs that have never before been released. The compilation begins
in 1941 with the theme song from Max Fleischer s Academy Award
Nominated Superman Cartoons and moves through the decades. Theme songs from the DC Superhero Filmation cartoons from the 1960s including Justice League and Green Lantern are featured alongside the most recent Justice League and Green Lantern themes produced by WB Animation in the 2000 s. The 1970 s are represented by Hanna Barbera s Super Friends cartoons as well as the theme from the legendary Wonder Woman series starring Lynda Carter. Other highlights include DC superhero themes from John Williams, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer and, of course, the unforgettable theme to the 1966 Batman TV Show starring Adam West......Nah Nah Nah Nah Batman!!

Track Listings:

1. Superman March (Sammy Timberg)
2. Theme From Superman [Album Version] (John Williams)
3. The New Adventures of Superman (John Gart)
4. Lois and Clark/The New Adventures of Superman (John Gruska)
5. The Adventures of Superboy (John Gart)
6. Superboy (Kevin Kiner)
7. Smallville Season 8 [End Title] (Louis Febre)
8. Batman: The Electrical Brain (Lee Zahler)
9. The Batman Theme [Album Version] (Danny Elfman)
10. The Adventures of Batman (John Gart)
11. Batman TV Series Theme (Neil Hefti)
12. Batman: The Brave and the Bold Theme (Andy Sturmer)
13. Batman Beyond [Main Title] (Kristopher Carter)
14. Molossus from Batman Begins (Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard)
15. Justice League of America (John Gart)
16. Super Friends (Hoyt Curtin)
17. The All New Super Friends Hour (Hoyt Curtin)
18. Justice League Unlimited Theme (Michael McCuiston)
19. Legends of the Superheroes (Fred Werner)
20. The Teen Titans (John Gart)
21. Aquaman (John Gart)
22. Swamp Thing (Christopher Stone)
23. Shazam (Jeff Michael and Yvette H. Blais)
24. The Flash (John Gart)
25. Green Lantern (John Gart)
26. Green Lantern First Flight (Robert J. Kral)
27. The Atom (John Gart)
28. Hawkman (John Gart)
29. Plastic Man Comedy Adventure Show (Dean Elliot)
30. Wonder Woman The Animated Movie [End Title] (Christopher Drake)
31. Wonder Woman (Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel)

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