April 20, 2010

Anaheim Wizard World 2010: Superman Panel with Ilya Salkind & Aaron Smolinski (FULL AUDIO in MP3 Format)

This past weekend at Anaheim Wizard World 2010, Ilya Salkind (Executive Producer: Superman I-III, Supergirl, & The Adventures of Superboy TV Series) and Aaron Smolinski (Baby Clark Kent from Superman: The Movie) were gracious enough to participate in a Superman panel this past Saturday at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Ilya talks about his feelings on Superman Returns, Chris Nolan & David Goyer talking over the Superman franchise and more. Aaron talks about his fondest memories of the production of Superman: The Movie.

The complete panel discussion audio was recorded by Sam J. Rizzo.  Audio quality is in crystal clear CD quality. Please do not use any material from this panel discussion without asking for proper permission before putting on another Superman related website(s). Thank you and enjoy!!!

The footage of Ilya Salkind first ever convention appearance and panel discussion at the Mike Carbonaro's New York Comic Book Marketplace Convention 
will be posted soon right here on the Superboy Homepage.com

To download direct mp3 file of the Superman Panel Click Below:

Total Running Time: 59:59

Please do not use audio or photos without expressed permission from Superboy Homepage.

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