April 7, 2010

WB HMV OFFICIAL CHAT: Adventures of Superboy Seasons 2,3, & 4 on DVD Status


On Monday evening April 5th, WB held their annual Warner Bros Home Video Chat.

Q: Hi, I was eager to get the rest of the seasons of The Adventures of Superboy. Sadly, seasons 2 through 4 haven't been released yet. This show was more popular in the seasons that have yet to be released, and as this is one of the last few Superman shows that has yet to completely be released, when will we see the rest of the series on DVD? If not, why not?

WB: Unfortunately, sales did not meet expectations so there are no future seasons planned. However, look for the animated Adventures of Superboy...coming in the future.

Once again WB answer remains the same as last year. Sales from 2006 and on did not meet expectations which is why the rest of the series is gathering dust. It really is ashame that the rest of the series will not be released for future generations of Superboy fans to enjoy.

One would think that with a new Superman film by Christopher Nolan and the Dark Knight team around the corner and with next year of Smallville possibly be the last for the series. WB would plan to milk the Superman brand name by releasing anything and everything DVD / Blu-Ray related to the Superman character. There is a slim possibility that down the line with the rebirth and renewed interests of a new Superman on film and the ending of Smallville that WB in two or three years down the line will release the final three seasons of The Adventures of Superboy. We Superboy fans, will just have to continue to wait and hope that this release will happen.

Continue to follow the Superboy Homepage.com for any new information concerning the Superboy series or any Superman related releases either on DVD or Blu-Ray as they become available.

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VoyagerG said...

Perhaps this animated version of Superboy will spark interest in the original series. It's a real shame it is gathering dust, it was so fun.