April 28, 2010

Superman Homepage Podcast Radio KAL Mentions Superboy Homepage Official Petition Efforts!!

Superman Homepage.com's Official Podcast, Radio KAL in episode #64 mentions the Superboy Homepage Official Petition Campaign efforts. Steve and Neal mention the frustration that many Superboy fans are experiencing since 2006 release of Superboy Season 1. They mentioned the recent Warner Bros chat and Warners response to the sales of Season One were way down thus no more seasons of Superboy on DVD are being planned at Warner.

Check out Radio KAL Episode 64 @ supermanhomepage.com. Thank you to Steve Younis & Neal Bailey for their continued support with the efforts to get The Adventures of Superboy final three seasons out there on DVD and for mentioning the Superboy Homepage's continued efforts.

To sign the Official Adventures of Superboy DVD Campaign Petition go to ipetitions.com/petition/adventuresofsbdvd. Sign the petition and let your voice be heard.  

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