June 9, 2010

Superboy Homepage Featured on ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com

ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com has blogged about Ilya Salkind on his most recent convention appearance at Wizard World Anaheim 2010 from this past April. I'm also featured on the blog for my website the Superboy Homepage and I also was in attendance in Anaheim. The reason for this posting is due to the Superman Celebration which is starting tomorrow June 10th in Metropolis, Illinois. Ilya Salkind and I will also be in attendance at the Celebration this year. This is my first trip to Metropolis and I look forward to meeting the many Superman and Superboy fans. I would like to thank Michael D Hamersky who runs Comic Book Collectors Blog in San Diego, CA.

To read the full blog over at ComicBookCollectorsBlog.com click here

Ilya Salkind (left) with Michael D. Hamersky (right)


Clark Kent said...

Welcome to Metropolis! Hope you have a great time!

VoyagerG said...

You have to tell the fans all about this trip! :D Hope you had fun!