June 14, 2010

Superman Celebration: Day One Photos and Report

My First Day in the small town of Metropolis, Illinois at the Superman Celebration.
By: Sam J. Rizzo

The first day in Metropolis there were no words to describe the feeling of driving into the town and seeing the world famous  "Welcome, to Metropolis," sign with Superman in his classic pose. After the five hour drive from Chicago and this being my very first trip to the Celebration; I did not know what to expect at all. Would it be just another convention or something totally different.  

After covering the opening ceremony, I immediately wanted to go see the Superman Museum which was one of the big items on my to do list while at the Celebration.

Walking into the Superman Museum for the very first time was definitely an experience to remember. All the vintage collectibles, posters, costumes, and props which were on display were great to see. As a life long Superman fan, I immediately went into picture overload by taking a ton of photos of each of the displays in the museum. It was definitely an overwhelming feeling stepping into that museum and seeing the history of the Man of Steel.

When I approached the Superboy exhibit of the museum, my jaw literally dropped. A friend of mine who was walking the museum with me said "Sam, you looked like you were a kid in a candy store." I must have stood in front of the Superboy display for a good hour looking at each of the props, photos, and costumes from the series.

The Superman Museum alone on the first day along with meeting up with some close friends from the past few years was a real treat.

Day One was just a taste of what was to come for the rest of the Superman Celebration.

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