August 2, 2008

Sales of Fake Superman Suits on the Rise

Ilya Salkind, who co-produced "Superman: The Movie", "Superman II", Superman III", "Supergirl", "Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut" and the four-season syndicated TV show "The Adventures of Superboy", contacted me this week to alert Superman fans to a growing problem in the Superman collectibles market.

Salkind has recently become aware that Superboy and Superman costumes are being sold at auction houses and auction sites that may either be stolen property from the Warner vaults or completely phony reproductions. Salkind explained that, in certain cases, he's been told the costumes come with certificates of authenticity forged with Salkind's own signature. Salkind is considering his legal rights and how best to halt these unauthorized sales of what are at best stolen property and at worst complete fakes. Salkind believes, based on the numbers of Superman suits and Superboy suits made in total (excluding "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" which was not a Salkind production), up to 90% of the Superman and Superboy costumes being offered for sale may be fakes.

On a related note, Salkind said he has no definitive information on when seasons two through four of "The Adventures of Superboy" will be released on DVD. However, he said he has a "good feeling" that Warners will continue with the "Superboy" DVDs after "Smallville" goes off the air.

Source: Superman
Article Written By: Barry Frieman

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