August 17, 2008

Horn and Noveck Talk DC Comics Character Films

Variety has published an article in which Warner Bros. boss Alan Horn and DC Comics' senior VP of creative affairs Gregory Noveck talk about where the WB and DC are headed in regards to comic book movies.
"We're having a lot of internal discussions on it," Horn says. "We haven't committed to any change at DC at this point," adding that both Warners and DC are committed to turning "the properties into viable movie product in an intelligent way so that we introduce them like planes on a runway. They have to be set up the right way and lined up the right way and all take off one at a time and fly safe and fly straight."
One high-profile property is "Justice League," which Warner Bros. had hoped would start production before the writers strike.
But given that it unites Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, the studio is trying to figure out how such the pic (cast with younger actors) would affect its existing Batman and Superman franchises -- and whether the script respects how the characters play off each other in the DC universe.
To put it simply: the studio doesn't want to piss off the Comic-Con contingent.
"We're not off the notion of a Justice League," Robinov says. "There's a massive interest and knowledge in the comicbook industry and it takes time to sort of catch up and understand the characters and the history, where they've intersected with each other and what their worlds are. That's part of the education that we're going through."
As for the JLA movie, Noveck says...
"We're going to make a Justice League movie, whether it's now or 10 years from now. But we're not going to do it and Warners is not going to do it until we know it's right."
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