August 3, 2008

Buyers Beware Fake Superman/boy/girl Costumes Overtaking the Marketplace + Ilya Salkind Giving Back to Superman/Boy Fans Through EBAY

Just recently on the auction house website EBAY, there have been a number of “authentic” Superman and Superboy costumes up for auction. A family member of mine this past year acquired one of these costume which supposedly was from the later seasons of the Adventures of Superboy series. Since having bought the costume, I have conducted endless amount of research in trying to authenticate this costume. I have started a dialogue with Ilya Salkind (Executive Producer of the Superman I-III & Superboy) and also managed to talk to the man who wore the Superboy suit Gerard Christopher himself. Through my discussions with Ilya and Gerard they both have assured me that there are numbers of suits being sold out there on auction house websites for example EBAY and Profiles-in-History which are not considered authentic and are selling for thousands. Just this past week, Profiles-in-History company’s live EBAY page was auctioning off an “authentic” Christopher Reeve Superman I suit. In the end, no one bided on the suit in light of the recent news of Ilya Salkind taking a stand against the person(s) responsible for the manufacturing of these replica suits. My suggestion to fellow Superman/boy collectors like myself is do your research before purchasing any props, suits, or autograph items to ensure you are getting the real deal.
For more information on authentic Superman/boy/girl costumes visit: they have done countless research on a number of Superman and Superboy suits that have popped up on EBAY. They have gone so far as to analysis the labels and materials used to make each of the costumes.
To purchase rare Superman items for Executive Producer Ilya Salkind’s personal collection visit his EBAY page @ . Ilya includes his own personal Certificates of Authenticity and signs each one of them.

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