August 17, 2008

Gerard Christopher Season 2 ScreenTest On SBH YouTube Channel

Gerard Christopher's actual screen test for the Superboy character in Season 2 is up on the Officical Superboy Homepage YouTube page. This is the last two minutes of the screen test for Gerard Christopher. Ilya Salkind (Creative and Executive Producer) personal directed this screentest himself. Gerard would go on to become the new Boy of Steel and the series went on to become a big hit in syndication reaching in the top 10. To view this small portion of Gerard's screen test visit the Official YouTube Channel here: There is much more footage to this screentest for example Gerard playing Clark Kent for the first time. Notice the Superboy suit Gerard is wearing is from Season One it is one of John Haymes Newton's suits. Hope you all enjoy this and look for more exclusive clips and interviews coming soon from the Superboy Homepage.

This would make a great bonus feature on the Season Two Official DVD release...COME WARNERS release the final three seasons already!!!

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Paul Salvi said...

This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting this!